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Make learning accessible and straightforward with our online learning platform. Students have support
beyond the traditional classroom with access to our teachers and administrator from any desktop and
mobile device anytime and anywhere


EdsVantage provides one-to-one support from expert tutors. Students get help whenever, wherever, and however they need it. And our robust dashboard gives parents and teachers easy access to valuable insights and progress tracking.     

Holistic insight content, grades, and feedback

Teachers can effectively deliver content using whiteboards; students can respond and send copies of work on their mobile devices during live online instruction. Our tutors help students learn how to learn which leads to more fruitful classroom participation and allows teachers to focus more on teaching.

Seamless instruction in real-time interaction possible between students, teachers, and parents possible?

Virtual Discussions: Teachers can invite students to answer question-driven discussions and respond to classmates. Comments on google docs enable a two-way discussion, as teachers can give feedback to students; which is a great way to keep students engaged, especially when you can’t see them. Teachers can manage the discussions by choosing to mute some individual students from posting or commenting.

Announcements: Teachers can give updates to students through announcements. Announcements are posts with no assignments; they’re just notices for students; about deadlines, tests, or any class work. Teachers can schedule announcements and can control replies and comments made on the announcement post.

Live Classes: This is one of the latest features, where teachers can take a real-time class virtually through Google Meet. Teachers can add up to 250 people to a Hangout call and around 1,00,000 viewers can live-stream. These meetings or lectures can also be recorded so that students who missed the live session can watch them later.

High-Impact Tutoring

Close the learning gap with on-demand tutoring and targeted tutoring sessions based on learning plans individually tailored to each student’s needs.

Homework Help

Students connect instantly with a live, online tutor from any desktop or mobile device for help with homework and test preparation. Improve student confidence and engagement and use our dashboard to identify areas requiring additional attention.

Writing Lab

Expert writing feedback helps students become better, more confident writers. Students have the option of submitting a paper for detailed analysis or connecting with a live writing expert for real-time assistance.

Equity & Accessibility

EdsVantage team provides differentiated instruction effortlessly, helping individuals overcome equity barriers. Our ADA-compatible service is available to all individuals regardless of socioeconomic status, hearing/vision disabilities, extracurricular schedule, or native language.


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