High-Impact Tutoring

EdsVantage is an online tutoring provider with teachers who have demonstrated success with students of all academic grades and various learning styles.

K12 Infrastructure

We are here to close the learning gaps, empower teachers and students, and support students who need it.

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Promote educational equity and narrow the learning gap through our personalized learning plans.

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Get the extra help and support you need to concentrate on what they do best:  Teaching through our online platform, Google Classroom, is accessible to everyone anytime and anywhere.

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Whether you are stuck on homework, assessments,  writing, or to be at the top of your class, we can provide support anywhere, anytime, with just one click.

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Individualized Learning

Students get help whenever, wherever, and however they need it.  We, teachers, prepare a rigorous learning plan to support all students and progress monitoring to track learning progress.

Affordable & Scalable

We serve all students at an affordable rate. As a teacher-approved tutoring service, you can rest assured that all students will always be able to connect with an expert teacher


View sessions, writing feedback, and tutor comments to monitor student progress.  EdsVantage tutor provides feedback regarding student mastery, skills covered, and a session's overall success.  This information is always valuable to a parent or school district.


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EdsVantage Tutors need to me to read at grade level.

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I love doing my math lesson online with my tutors.  They are always helpful because of my tutor, I made the honor roll.

EdsVantage tutors help me improve my writing skills.  I won my first writing contest this year.

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I love Learning online with my tutors.

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EdsVantage is teacher-approved tutoring service.