I’m obsessed with leveraging the playing field for all students. I have been a highly accomplished education leader and program coordinator for over 20 years. Self-motivated teaching professional with a broad background in data analysis, curriculum alignment, policy and compliance development, instructional coaching, classroom instruction, and youth coordination experience. I studied at the University of Cincinnati for my undergraduate degree and at Xavier University for my Master’s degree. Currently, I’m pursuing my Ph.D. in education.

When embroiled in the entrepreneurial journey, I searched for a research-based, performance-based program that allows teachers to individualize instruction for students of all ages. My inspiration for student achievement came from my grandparents, who couldn't read or write; however, they owned several acres of land, supplied most of the vegetables to local grocery stores, and managed a successful farm for more than 30 years despite their limitations it's because of them I exemplify professionalism, and an ability to manage multiple projects and tasks at any given moment. I demonstrate a history of successful education projects and motivating youths of varying ages and abilities to achieve at unprecedented levels, all while providing high-quality guidance to parents, leadership to staff members, and effective conflict resolution.

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